I'm an artist and researcher from Brazil currently living in Austria, where I'm attending the "Interface Cultures" Master program at the Kunstuniversität Linz. My main focus at the moment is to research and explore how the digital erupts into the physical.

My works include photo collages, drawings, interactive installations, multimedia landscapes, soundscapes, video collages, real time video performances, net artivism, readymades and so on. Some of these works have appeared in some festivals and exhibitions, such as "The Borders of Drawing" (Vienna/Austria 2011), "Amber Festival" (Istanbul/Turkey 2010), Ars Electronica Festival (in the "Playful Interface Cultures" exhibition - Linz/Austria 2010), "Rassegna Giovani Artisti" (Capraia/Italy 2008), "NewMediaFest [Slowtime 2007 - Quicktime as an artistic medium]", "Networking Eyes" (Florence/Italy 2007) and the "Athens Video Festival 2007" (Athens - Greece).

For more information about my current researches please access the blog, which is being regularly updated with my master thesis excerpts, other articles I've been writing and also the documentation of the art pieces I'm working on at the moment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about my work.